No matter if you are an employee trying to climb the career ladder, or are scaling up your business, you cannot succeed without clear goals. For many of us, an idea board will help visualize our dreams and getting the car we always wanted to drive and own might be a part of your plan. Choosing your dream car might be one of the most important decisions, and if you don’t consider all the options and the factors, you might end up disappointed once you reached your goal. Below you will find a few tips on how to get the most enjoyment out of your next dream car.

Your Lifestyle

It is essential that you consider your future lifestyle as well as the car you would like to drive. For example, if you would like to earn enough money to live in he the countryside, chances are that you will not have a lot of opportunities to take your luxury sports car out for a spin, without damaging the suspension on the potholes. If, however, you would like to have your dream car as a second vehicle, you can let your imagination go free.

Your Budget

You will need to be realistic about your budget before you choose your dream car. You will also have to review your choices regularly. The car’s price might go up and down, and the older the model you have chosen is, the more likely its value will increase over time. That is why you will have to ensure that you can reach your goals within a realistic timescale, or you might end up waiting until your 80th birthday to make your dreams come true.

Your Long Term Goals

Some people would instead buy an older car that needs a bit of TLC, so they can work on it and enjoy the process as much as they do driving it. For example, you could get a Porsche and turn it into a unique vehicle, enjoying every moment of working on it. However, if you have limited skills and space, this will not be the option. You might want to think about your long term goals and see if the car will serve your needs 10-15 years down the line, or end up causing problems.


If you look at buying your dream car as an investment and don’t want to regret your decision, you will need to look at the future value predictions of the vehicle. You should always check the depreciation of the given make and model, so you can be prepared for losing money. Unless your car is rare, the more miles you put into it, the lower its value will be. Of course, how you maintain it will affect the future price, too. Too many bumps and scratches, and you can write off hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Part Availability

To enjoy your car long term, you will also need to make sure that you can get a hold of the right parts at an affordable price. If you choose a car from Asia, part availability can be an issue. Make sure that you do your research, so you can get issues sorted as soon as possible, and not wait around. You will, of course, also take into consideration the price of the parts, as well as the availability. You don’t want to blow all your fuel money on keeping on top of your car maintenance tasks.


You might be able to afford to pay the price of your dream car, but can you keep it? The more it is worth, the more your car insurance will cost you. This is why you should always get a quote before you commit to buy. At the same time, it is crucial that you check the taxation rules, as well. Classic cars might be exempt from road tax, but you will have to check with your local agency, just to be on the safe side.

Fuel Consumption

Choosing your dream car

Supercars look and feel good, but they are not famous for being good on fuel. If MPG is your main concern, a V12 engine might not be your best option. Of course, if you are only planning on driving the car during the weekends for fun, this will not make a big difference, but if this will be your primary vehicle, every gallon will add up, and affect your motoring budget. Find out as much as possible about the cost of driving the car before you would invest your money.

Common Issues

Being vigilant will keep you from regretting your decision. You might want to visit car owners’ forums and find out what the most common issues are. Some Italian sports cars, for example, are famous for developing electrical issues. Repairing the bodywork of Japanese vehicles might be more expensive than some of the German models. If you have a particular make and year in mind, search for the most common problems, and you can avoid unexpected repairs that can get expensive.

Owner Reviews

Apart from forums, you can also ask your friends to see if they or their friends have experience with the make or the specific model. You will find plenty of blogs on any car, so you can gather information and make an informed decision. Car manufacturers will never tell you about the negatives. You might also decide to visit a local Used Car Dealer so that you can ask all the right questions that will help you decide on your next car.

Price for Luxury Features

If you are planning to buy new, you will have to consider the luxury features and optional extras when you create a budget. Unfortunately, you are going to be given a price that says “from,” but that will be for the base model. If you spend all those years and make an effort to save up for the car, you might as well enjoy life’s little luxuries. Make sure that you work out the full price of the vehicle as you want it, so you don’t end being disappointed not getting what you really want.



You don’t have to settle with a car anyone can get. Think about customizing your wheels to get more joy out of them. You can add stickers, and extra wing, or custom wheels, so you can stand out from the crowd and turn heads when you are driving down the street. Talk to a mechanic to get some ideas on how to turn your vehicle into something unique without reducing its value. Getting a custom plate, for example, will increase the value of your car, especially if you pick a popular one.

Fun Features

Apart from the standard upgrades, you can also opt for some fun features on your car. An adjustable suspension might be something that will make your ride more enjoyable. Ensure that you are researching the different opportunities available to you, and make sure that your investment will be worth it. If you use the fun gadget every day, it is fine. But if only a couple of times a year, think again.

Your Family’s Opinion

Unfortunately, we will have to consider what others think about our car, too. Your kids might be unhappy if you get a 2-door model, as this means less comfort for them getting in and out. Your spouse might be an outdoor lover and want a convertible. No matter what your family wants, you can make compromises, so you don’t have to listen to people nagging you to change your car just after you bought it.


The rarity of the car should also influence your decision. It might increase its value over time, but will you be able to maintain it and get the parts? The chances are that you will need to invest in custom parts, if they are not available, which will increase your budget significantly. A rare car is more like a symbol of status, but you might not want to park it on the street corner and will need to keep it in the garage most of the time. If you’re getting a luxury car, you may need to look further afield. This could mean getting it imported. If you are getting a car from somewhere that’s not close to your local area, then it may be worth hiring a service to handle the transportation aspect for you. CarsRelo are a fantastic choice if you want a good option.

Social Status

Are you buying a new car to raise your social status? Many people out there do. If you would like to show off in front of your friends, you might be better off renting the vehicle and eliminating the problems that come with owning an expensive car. Many people who have loads of money run around in a cheap old banger. If showing off is your only motivation, you might need to think long and hard before you invest your hard earned money in a car.


If you are considering a classic car or an import, then there are some things you are going to have to take into account. Imported cars need to go through a range of checks and have a lot of paperwork done. You will often need to hire a specialist to tackle that properly. You should also consider if buying a brand new speedy beauty is the right thing for you if you have a bad driving history and should be seeking a hardship license lawyer first. Always make sure that you and your car are both on the right side of the law.

Everyone has a dream car. No matter if you have manifested your dream and are actively working toward buying it or not, you will have to evaluate your options carefully. Impulse buying might make you end up disappointed or even losing money long term.