PowerUP Roulette Adds a New Twist: What Does It Add to Online Roulette?

The classic game of roulette has been popular all over the world for centuries, but how has it changed since going online? With online roulette games now widely available in most countries, it’s a way of playing that most people looking for some online entertainment will come across at some point, but how does it differ from the original game and how does the new PowerUP Roulette game add to it?

The Basics Are Still the Same

To start with, we can see that a lot of aspects of this casino game haven’t changed at all. It’s still about trying to predict which number the ball will end in when the roulette wheel finally comes to rest. The types of bets are also largely the same, with the option of wagering on a single number, several numbers, red or black and so on.

This means that if you know the basics of roulette, you can start playing online right away. We’ve also seen the introduction of live dealer games, to make it even more like the land-based experience. For example, at this online casino NZ, players can try titles including Lightning Roulette by Evolution as well as the new PowerUP Roulette game by Pragmatic Play. These games sit alongside other titles like Mega Ball and Live Monopoly in the live dealer section of the casino.

In fact, this shows us one of the major changes that online access has added to the world of roulette. This is the fact that you can now choose from many different ways of playing in one place. Rather than being restricted to a few tables, you can look through an extensive selection covering American and French rules or with bonus features like the randomly applied multipliers in Lightning Roulette.

What Does PowerUP Roulette Add to the Genre?

The PowerUP Roulette title that was recently released by Pragmatic Play takes the basic gameplay and adds a twist to it. Things start off as you would expect, as you play your stake on the series of numbers that you think will give you a win. However, the live dealer then reveals three to five power numbers, which have been randomly selected and brings up the bonus game if the ball lands in any of them.

For the bonus game, each of the roulette wheel’s 37 numbers has a multiplier applied to it, ranging up to 500x. If the bonus game is triggered for a second time, the top multiplier can rise to 2000x. The multiplier can be only won by a straight-up bet, which is where you place your chips on a single number.

PowerUP Roulette is part of the increasing trend for casino games to be presented by a live dealer in a game show-style setting. While it has added some interesting new elements, it’s based on the classic gameplay that most people are familiar with and won’t be difficult to understand if you’ve played roulette before.

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