Ways to Have More Fun During Summer

Winter’s here, which means that summer’s just around the corner. Analysts predict that this summer is going to be a warm one. Global temperatures are rising, which means hotter summers are almost guaranteed.

A lot of people’s plans for summer don’t start being formulated until spring. Planning early, as in now, will help you to have a memorable and enjoyable summer.

Planning can be very difficult if you aren’t sure what you would like to do, though. This post will tell you a few things that you can do this summer which will help you to make the most of it.

Sunglasses in the sand

Gel Balling

Gel balling is an immensely popular combat sport, particularly with young people. It involves using gel blasters, which are weapons that fire small projectiles called gel balls and compete against other people. It’s a lot like paintballing. If it’s a sport that you are interested in taking up, then consider browsing the latest releases of gel blasters so that you can get a good one. The better your weapon is, the better your performance will be. Something that’s worth noting is that while it is possible to go gel balling with friends in the woods or in your neighbourhood, it’s better to go to licensed gel balling venues. Going somewhere that’s not approved for the sport could get you in trouble. If somebody calls the police and says you’re firing gel blasters in public, the police could come and confiscate your equipment.


Kayaking is a fun water sport, ideal for summer. You can go kayaking more or less anywhere. As long as you have a body of water near you, you can probably go kayaking on it. Make sure that if you are going kayaking that you take a lifejacket with you and learn to swim. It’s not a good idea to go out on a kayak if you have no idea how to swim, because if you capsize, then you could end up drowning. A lifejacket is essential even if you can swim, just in case you get caught in a fast-moving current.


Canoeing is another fun water sport. It’s a lot more relaxed than kayaking, however. The good thing about canoeing is that it can be a great way to take up other activities, like fishing or camping. You can easily fit camping equipment inside a large canoe. You can comfortably fish from one, too. Again, make sure you are a competent swimmer and take a lifejacket with you if you’re going canoeing. Doing so will help you to protect yourself and prevent injuries from occurring. Wooden canoes are the sturdiest and the best.

Beachball in a pool

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an activity you can take up in summer, but it’s best to avoid going climbing on especially hot days. Going climbing on very hot days could lead to you developed heat stroke or sun fatigue, mainly because you will be exposed to high temperatures and perhaps even direct sunlight. It is an activity that’s better taken up on a cooler day. Remember to take some time to learn how to rock climb first, which you can do by taking classes at an indoor venue. Indoor rock climbing centres are cheap, widely available, and great places to learn to climb.

Going Hiking

Hiking is a nice summer activity. If you do plan on hiking in the summer, then try to hike through forests, where it’s likely to be a lot less hot. Hiking a mountain in the intense summer heat could again lead to the development of heat stroke or sun fatigue. If you have not got a lot of experience hiking, then start slowly. Trying to hike a large hill or mountain when you are inexperienced will probably lead to you wearing yourself out. You may also want to consider taking up camping, too. Camping can be a lot of fun.

More Socialising

After two years’ worth of lockdowns, people are pretty fed up with being at home. This summer is going to be the first for many people where they are able to go out freely, without having to worry about COVID restrictions, viral transmission, or the wearing of masks. This summer, you can socialise. If you want to have fun this summer, then be sure to go out with your friends, socialise, drink, and have fun. Always drink responsibly though, and never drink more than you can personally handle.

Summer will be here before you know it. Planning the activities that you are going to do this summer early will help you to maximise how much fun you have. This post’s guidance will help you to have a fantastic summer.


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