Road trips: How to Plan for Every Eventuality

A road trip could well turn out to be the best vacation you have ever experienced. Alternatively, it could spell disaster for you and your fellow travelers. Unfortunately, the reason for the latter is usually a failure to adequately prepare and not having a plan in place for certain eventualities. Continue reading for our guide on how to ensure you don’t get caught in the disaster trap on your road trip.

Your Destinations

Deciding in advance roughly the route you wish to take is advisable. This will allow you to plan regular stops for refreshments and comfort breaks along the way, as well as taking in tourist attractions. Before you set off, always check to see whether there is any planned roadworks. In this scenario, look for alternative ways. If traveling with friends, discuss with them in advance what are their must-see locations. Of course, sometimes compromise is necessary, but it is best to allow everyone a few choices to avoid any upset or bad feelings.

Your Accommodation

When you go away on vacation, choosing your accommodation wisely is vital. It can be tempting to book each night’s hotel or bed and breakfast a significant distance away. However, it is better to allow less of a gap to account for any potential hold-ups along the way. Of course, you may not need to make a decision about this if you have a campervan in which to travel or you are towing a caravan. Check out online ratings or ask friends and family members for recommendations. Staying in substandard accommodation can be disheartening and take the shine off your vacation.

Your Vehicle

When you are travelling long distances, comfort is of the utmost importance. If four of you are making the trip together, be sure to ensure your vehicle is spacious enough with leg room. You may be limited if you are wishing to take your own car. However, hiring a sufficiently sized vehicle may be a better option if you are able to afford it.
Choosing a reliable vehicle to use in which to travel a long distance is imperative. However, it is also wise to remember that things can go wrong with any mode of transport, no matter its age, cost, make and condition. Therefore, taking along equipment to support you in keeping going whatever the circumstances is recommended. A jeep recovery gear, for example, could be exactly what you need when you find yourself stuck with no easy way out.

First Aid

Whether you and your fellow travelers are known for being clumsy and regularly find yourselves in the wars or you just wish to be super organized, ensuring you have a fully stocked first aid kit is imperative. However, it will also be useful for you to know what to do with the items inside. Having a triangular bandage is one thing but knowing what to actually do with it is equally important. Insect repellent is another consideration. It is vital if you are going to be visiting places near to lakes and rivers where pesky flying insects gather.


When considering every eventuality on a road trip, the weather is a definite factor. If you set off in the blistering heat, there is nothing to say that it will not remain that way. Always pack clothing for all types of weather. Jumpers, hoodies and coats to allow you to layer could be great options. And do not forget the rain. Waterproofs are invaluable. Conversely, if you are expecting bad weather and the sun suddenly comes out, it is essential to have plenty of sun cream available. Sunglasses are another must-have accessory, ensuring that you protect your vision from the strength of the sun’s rays.


When planning your road trip, it is of utmost importance to consider how much money you can realistically afford to spend. Anything can crop up causing you to need to find a little more cash, so always keep a little extra to one side. When planning your route, you ought to consider booking some tourist attractions in advance to ensure that you get in for a lower price.


Finally, we always advise that you check the amount of medication you are taking with you. Avoid storing in glass bottles, as these are at risk of spilling and, as a result, being spoiled. Order repeat prescriptions well in advance of your departure date to ensure you have sufficient. If you or one of your fellow travelers requires certain pills or medicines on occasions, consider taking some of those along with you just in case. It is much easier to deal with a situation when you have the necessary things rather than having to visit a distant physician or hospital.

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