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Hot Blondies Bakery

If you’ve been looking for something to take care of that sweet tooth, you should try something from Hot Blondies Bakery Treats. You’ll find an assortment of different desserts like whoopies, tarts, blondes…

Creamy No-Bake Snickers Cake

When I think of cake I usually think of the boring stuff you get at a lame party. You know the kind; crusty frosting, dry cake, wax drippings from birthday candles. This Snickers cake may change my opinion of cake.

Crispy Roast Potatoes Recipe

There are few things I like more, than potatoes with my roast. Crispy, flavorful, and hot, they’re the perfect side to go with any meat. Here is a delicious recipe for Crispy Roast Potatoes.