A Vertical Chess Set

Like board games? How about playing the game of chess vertically? Check out this vertical chessboard.

Justsmile – The Emoticon dish

Here’s a cool little piece for your home or apartment. The Justsmile dish was based off of the emoticon smiley face that we all use WAY too much on texting and instant messaging.

White + White Clock

Russian designer Vadim Kibardin created this stellar LED masterpiece, called the ‘white + white’ clock. It’s a contemporary three-dimensional clock made from white ABS plastic.

Plywood Taxidermy Skull Deer Trophy

This is certainly a unique take on having a trophy on your wall. The Goldfuss is a 3D puzzle deer trophy, created using several laser cut birch plywood pieces that link together.

Dexter Blood Splattered Coasters

I have never had the pleasure of catching an episode of Dexter but I certainly can enjoy his blood shed. These cool blood splatter coasters are the perfect accessory for any Dexter freak.

Why I love my Tassimo Professional

So as many of my writers may know, I’ve been given a coffee machine to put in my office and test out. This wasn’t just any coffee machine.. it was a Tassimo Professional.

The Drinklip

Tired of getting cup rings on your table or desk? Thankfully there are little gadgets for that.

The Cloud Keyholder

The Cloud Keyholder is just what I need for my apartment. I can’t count how many times I’ve misplaced my keys when trying to run out to a meeting.