Dexter Blood Splattered Coasters

I have never had the pleasure of catching an episode of Dexter but I certainly can enjoy his blood shed. These cool blood splatter coasters are the perfect accessory for any Dexter freak.

Why I love my Tassimo Professional

So as many of my writers may know, I’ve been given a coffee machine to put in my office and test out. This wasn’t just any coffee machine.. it was a Tassimo Professional.

The Drinklip

Tired of getting cup rings on your table or desk? Thankfully there are little gadgets for that.

The Cloud Keyholder

The Cloud Keyholder is just what I need for my apartment. I can’t count how many times I’ve misplaced my keys when trying to run out to a meeting.

Light Stones by Vincent Kohler

This is a really cool light concept by Vincent Kohler. The stones light up in a random order with a beautiful illuminating glow.

Can’t wait to try my Tassimo Professional

I’m excited to announce that I will soon be a proud owner of one of the Tassimo Professional brewing systems. Now I can have the high quality taste I get from Starbucks or Coffee Bean in my very own office.

Cast-Iron Bacon Press

Need a HEAVY stocking stuffer? Throw this Cast-Iron Bacon Press into the sock for the bacon you’ll be cooking up Christmas morning.

Human Magazine Rack

I’m always looking for a good place to store my CB2 and Urban Outfitters catalogues that collect dust on my coffee table. This rack takes a simple x-foundation and turns it into a fun living piece to have in your home or office.