Vintage Motorcycle Lamp

Typically men don’t like decorating their home. They’ll leave it to their woman to do all the dirty work.

Still Life

Turn fruit in your kitchen or living room into a piece of art.

VoicePrints Art

Your “I Love Yous”, wedding vows, and babies first words can now be captured as art.

Omega Headphone Stands

Receiving those Dr. Dre Beats from Santa must have been a nice surprise but how do you go about displaying the beautiful headset? Omega Headphone stands

Anemone Lamp by Artecnica

Design firm Artecnica collaborates with designers from all over, creating interesting objects for the home and office. Artecnica’s main goal when...

Pipe Wrench Coffee Table

Jonathan Niemuth had a vision and with a little dedication made it a reality. Here’s what he had to say about his Pipe Wrench Coffee Table.