After I got the Casper Mattress a few months back, I wouldn’t have imagined there was any possible way my sleep could get better. Almost instantly, I had gone from persistent insomnia, to sleeping soundly every night. So, it’s not discomfort that made me want to throw the Casper Pillow in the mix, but more a combination of love and curiosity. The mattress basically changed my life – and, no, I’m not being dramatic, anyone with trouble sleeping knows what I’m talking about – so, logically, if I start using the pillow too, then something else amazing should happen, right?

Once again, I was not disappointed.

Weird Sleeper

Full disclosure, you should probably know that I’m a bit of an odd stomach sleeper. I say “odd”, not because sleeping on one’s stomach is strange, but because I sleep with my head completely underneath my pillow. While the position itself is great for easing snoring and sleep apnea, it tends to be horrible on your spine. And, considering I have no issues with snoring or sleep apnea, but am now at risk of developing back issues thanks to my new desk job, it’s probably time to change this old habit.

Of course I’ve tried to start sleeping on my sides before, but for some reason I just couldn’t seem to do it. Perhaps the amazing sleep I’d been getting with the new mattress had spoiled me so that I had no patience for retraining myself. After all, why would I put myself through having to wait more than 5 minutes to fall asleep, when I know I could pass out much sooner on my stomach? Like I said: spoiled.

Casper Pillow and Mattress

Now, back to the amazing pillow. Just like the Casper Mattress, the Casper Pillow also has its multi-layer construction to thank for it’s brilliant comfort. These are literally two pillows combined into one. They aren’t “just right” because of a Goldilocks situation, where you settle for something in the middle of a spectrum. These are perfect because you’re actually getting the best of both worlds: an inner pillow that is super-supportive, and an outer pillow encasing it that’s incredibly comfortable. It’s because of its construction being a totally unique mix, and not something you have to settle on based on how you sleep most frequently, that makes it an ideal pillow for everyone. This was great for me because, as we all now know, I was trying to change the position I sleep in. And what better tool could I ask for?

My Casper Pillow Experience

At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every kind of pillow out there – feather, soft but squishy, memory foam, hard as a rock, the kind you fill with water, you name it. But when we got this one, I immediately noticed how different it felt from anything that I had used before. You ready for the result?

As soon as I laid down, it was everything it promised to be: soft, supportive, breathable and cool, my new best friend, etc. But then I began to think, “I wonder if I’ll finally be able to sleep on my side with this one? I wonder how long I should wait before I…” And then it was morning. Even stranger, I was still on my side. At this point, I’m used to sleeping all the way through the night, but to have fallen asleep in that position, and never moved was something completely new to me. I thought the amount of sleep improvement I saw with the mattress was as good as it gets – and I wasn’t complaining, it was fantastic – but this somehow took things next level.

So, if you’re a person who sleeps (or tries to), the Casper Pillow is absolutely for you. You can find more information about Casper’s 100-night trial and line of products here.

Sleep well!