Bing & Her Campus social at Hemingway’s Lounge

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Bing & Her Campus social at Hemingway’s Lounge. It was an event premiering the #newBing – Microsoft’s search engine revamp. The night was filled with delicious food, cool prizes and even an open bar.

Rye Rye – Boom Boom Eos Remix

The weekend is nearly hear, I can practically taste it. Today I thought I would shower my readers, metaphorically speaking, with a new track by my boy Eos.

Dat Beat – Stringer Bell EP

I’ve been obsessed with Dat Beat ever since I heard their track behind Mike Diva’s ridiculously awesome Street Fighter video. This is the type of music that gets my energy flowing and activates my ‘Tiger Blood’ (Charlie Sheen™).