A Glimpse into Alien: Covenant with Prologue: Last Supper

A Glimpse into Alien: Covenant with Prologue: Last Supper

Two months after the release of the first trailer for Alien: Covenant—both sequel to Prometheus, and Riley Scott’s return to the Alien universe—20th Century Fox has given us an introduction to the characters that we’ll be spending some time with on May 19th. Though, just how much time we’ll have with them certainly remains to be seen.

In Alien: Covenan / Prologue: Last Supper we witness the crew of colonization ship Covenant as they enjoy their last meal together before beginning their cryosleep. Along with some helpful insights to the personalities of the crewmembers themselves, the nearly five-minute complete scene includes a few gems such as a possible reference to Aliens: Colonial Marines, watching Danny McBride and James Franco acting together in serious roles, and a nod to the chestburster dinner scene from the original movie. Of course there’s much more going on here, but I’ll shut up now and let you see for yourself.

And for those of you that missed December’s trailer, I’ll go ahead and leave that here for you too.

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