Many are still mourning the late, great actor, Alan Rickman. He’s known for many roles, arguably his most famous being Snape (Harry Potter) and Hans Gruber (Die Hard). A role we can now add to his list of many achievements is as a voiceover actor, that even in his passing, is still helping touch and save lives.

In what is believed to be his last work, Alan Rickman narrates over a video of a tortoise eating a strawberry. The idea was to create a viral video where all advertising earned gets donated to Save the Children and the Refugee Council. This genius campaign idea was thought up by OneClickGiving.

I’m sure all actors want to be remembered by the characters they played on screen. In Alan Rickman’s case, he’s done so much more. I like to think he knew the end was near and this was just one last ditch effort for us to love him more than we already do.