Crack the Claw Murder Mystery Card Game

Inspired by the upcoming film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, White Claw Hard Seltzer and Netflix teamed up to create a limited-edition murder mystery game: Crack the CLAW. Much like Glass Onion, the dangerously fun game mirrors a good old-fashion whodunit: you can lie and deceive as a murderer, or channel your Benoit Blanc to uncover the murderers among you.

Available for purchase while supplies last, Crack the CLAW contains all of the gameplay essentials, including official rules, a moderator script and 10 double-sided coasters that correspond with player roles, which include: moderator, vacationers, doctor, detective and murderer(s) – each can be perfectly paired with your favorite White Claw.

Crack the Claw Murder Mystery Game How to play Crack the Claw

“White Claw and Netflix are both cultural powerhouses, and we’re excited to partner together this holiday season. Crack the CLAW™ lends itself to gatherings of friends and family, so I can’t wait to play it with a White Claw in-hand over the holidays.”

– John Shea, Chief Marketing Officer, White Claw Hard Seltzer, USA

Starting today, December 14, White Claw is giving fans the opportunity to get Crack the CLAW™ first. Over the course of 24 hours, fans can correctly answer seven riddles posted to White Claw’s Twitter and Instagram to discover a seven-letter passcode unlocking the website, and then use that passcode as a promo code to get a game to be given away to the first 100 fans at checkout.* Tomorrow, the game is available for purchase while supplies last.

For additional information or to purchase the game, visit To follow along on social and share your own detective skills, tag @WhiteClaw on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.