Kevin Hart’s ‘The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success’

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve been reading book after book trying to keep my brain as active as possible. It can become a dark and scary place when you’re forced to be cooped up at home with no end in sight. In addition to reading, I’ve also found a new love for podcasts and audiobooks. I will usually play one of them on my morning walks to Starbucks.

Currently, I’m loving The Tim Ferriss Show, a podcast from Tim Ferriss (duh), the creator of The Four Hour Work Week. In one of his latest episodes, Tim interviews Hollywood powerhouse, Kevin Hart. I was surprised to see Tim was able to get Kevin on the show, seeing as though the man is the busiest actor in Hollywood.

Kevin Hart's 'The Decision' - Audible Original

In the hour-long talk, Kevin chats about his early career, his mom, and most notably, his new Audible Original ‘The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success‘. Known for having project after project, Hart isn’t stopping at becoming just another one of the Hollywood Elite, he’s aiming to be a life coach, too.

I’ve finally listened to The Decision and can tell you that it couldn’t have come at a better time. I think it’s safe to say we could all use a little direction, motivation, and distraction during these confusing times. It’s read by the man himself and executed like you’re having a beer with your best mate who is lending you some much-needed life advice.

Because I knew I would be reviewing this for my readers, I waited to read any of the reviews on Amazon. If you’re not convinced this Audible Original is worth your $26 dollars or precious time, perhaps one of the many 5-star reviews will change your mind.

I would love to know your opinion if you listened to The Decision. Tweet at me your thoughts @JoesDaily.

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