Best Ham Sandwich Ever (really!)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Eckrich Deli Meat. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Making the best ham sandwich recipe

Despite me now officially living in Los Angeles for half of my life, I still count myself lucky to be here every day. If you think that it should have gotten old by now, I would normally be inclined to agree with you. However, the truth is that there always seems to be something new and fun to do to shake up the routine. There’s hiking along the beach, hanging at the park, enjoying the epic pool at our new condo, live music at the wineries, movies at the cemetery, walks to the Farmer’s Market, and games with social sports leagues. (Of course, there are plenty of things I enjoy doing indoors, but as I’m still soaking in the warm weather, we’ll keep the list from becoming a book and just focus on the outdoors, for now.)

As you may have noticed, nearly every activity I mentioned above has something in common and that is that they typically require you to bring your own food along. While this might seem like an aspect that doesn’t necessarily require much thought, as someone that really enjoys food, I can attest that that’s not really the case. It almost doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I want whatever I’m bringing along to eat to be the perfect balance of delicious and low maintenance.

Admittedly, it took me a while to finally find it. At first, I would just grab a hoagie at the supermarket before heading out to wherever I was going. It got me by just fine but it was definitely a missed opportunity to add another enjoyable aspect to the day. Then I met my wife. Butter noodles might have been the only thing she knew how to make when we first got together, but about two years in, she somehow morphed into some weird version of Martha Stewart. Suddenly my sandwich run became two days of planning and way too much being lugged around. Everything was delicious, but it got to the point where getting the food together was a daunting enough task that it would ruin my will to go out. So, after deciding something needed to be done, we found our solution: the perfect go-to sandwich.

Adding the coleslaw on the ham sandwich

So what exactly is it? It’s an amazing cross of easy and gourmet. First, grab yourself your favorite variety of Eckrich Ham (easy, quick, and versatile for really any meal occasion) at your local Walmart deli counter. Put it inside of an onion roll, add pre-made white balsamic coleslaw (that’s completely amazing), cheese, tomato, and your choice of condiments. That’s all that goes into it. Throw some root vegetable chips on the side (to keep that simple/epicurean vibe going) and you’re all set. While I’m a little bummed out that it took us so long to start making it, I’m definitely grateful for all the time it’s saved me in the kitchen! And if you can relate, don’t worry, I’ll save you some time, too. Check out the recipe below.

The Best Ham Sandwich Recipe

The best ham sandwich recipe


  • Eckrich Virginia Baked Ham or Eckrich Off the Bone Ham
  • Onion roll/bread/buns
  • White balsamic coleslaw – (shredded cabbage, Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, white balsamic vinegar, garlic powder, paprika, celery salt, brown sugar)
  • Havarti, gruyere, or provolone piccate cheese
  • Thin-sliced tomato

Grocery shopping at Walmart w/ Eckrich Deli

Simple. Pile everything sky-high and enjoy! Let the flavors do the talking.

And when you’re done enjoying the best ham sandwich ever, head back to your local Walmart Deli counter and try one of these other Eckrich Hams. They are full of flavor and gluten-free.

Eckrich Black Forest Ham (dry cured and smoked)
Eckrich Cooked Ham
Eckrich Chopped Ham
Eckrich Ham Off the Bone
Eckrich Virginia Baked Ham (has a slight sweetness and baked to stay juicy)

Deli meat platter with Eckrich Deli Ham

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Eckrich Deli Meat. For more information about Eckrich deli meats, as well as quick and easy recipes please visit
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