Maxwell House, a respected name in the world of coffee for over 130 years, has announced its first major innovation in almost a decade. Known for its consistently balanced coffee, Maxwell House continues to inspire with its new Iced Latte with Foam. This unique product applies cold-stirred foam technology, enhancing the at-home coffee experience without the need for specialized café equipment.

Bridging the Gap Between Cafés and Homes

Despite a significant 31% of coffee shop beverages served cold, only 7% of coffee consumed at home shares this trait. The challenge? The perceived difficulty of recreating café-style iced lattes. Maxwell House aims to tackle this gap, introducing an easy-to-make solution for anyone craving a café-style iced latte, whether at home or on the move.

Revolutionary Cold-Stirred Foam Technology

Sweta Kannan, Director of Marketing and Coffee Innovation at Kraft Heinz, sees a vast potential in this novel product. The rising demand for iced beverages in coffee shops indicates a significant opportunity to expand cold coffee consumption in households. This innovative cold-stirred foam technology could revolutionize the at-home coffee experience, saving consumers the time and expense of visiting a coffee shop.

Renewing the Maxwell House Brand

This new product underscores Kraft Heinz’s commitment to its coffee portfolio. The company, earlier this year, brought IHOP Coffee to grocery shelves for the first time. As part of its brand renewal strategy in 2024, Maxwell House will undertake its first rebrand in nearly a decade. The rebranding will include updated packaging and a new tagline – “Live Life to the Last Drop” – encouraging coffee drinkers to get the most out of their coffee, and their day.

A Delightful and Convenient Option

Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam

Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam offers an exciting and easy way to savor a refreshing coffee break anytime, anywhere. Available in Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Caramel flavors, these individual pouches are easy to prepare – just add to a glass of iced water and stir. Enjoy the café style latte experience at your convenience.

Starting today, Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam is available online and in grocery stores across the nation. For $6.99, customers can enjoy six refreshing 1 oz. sachets. Explore this new product and savor the innovation of Maxwell House.