Marshall Mini Fridge: Turn Your Home Into a Rock Show

If there was ever a reason to get yourself a mini fridge, it would be today. The Marshall Mini Fridge is made from authentic Marshall Amp parts, including genuine Marshall logos, fret cloth, brass-finished faceplate, actual knobs, and custom branded glass shelving. Visually it’s the perfect accessory to furnish your office, man cave, or garage.

Inside you will find a storage capacity of 4.4 cu ft (126 L), with a matte black interior and white accents. Marshall logos and other embossed details are throughout the interior, as well as a replaceable Artic blue LED light cluster. The photo may not showcase it, but there is in fact a freezer compartment with door access. The temperature can be adjusted from 34°F to 48°F and tracked on the side via the installed thermostat. Finally, its large capacity, reversible custom doors can hold 2-liter bottles and regular size cans.

Marshall Fridge

The Marshall Mini Fridge featured here is their High Capacity unit, however, they also sell a Medium Capacity for $130 USD less.

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