Have You Had a Professional Home Inspection? Do You Need One?

The first thing to look at when deciding whether you need to call for professional help is when the last home inspection was done. Experts say that it’s a process you should go through every five years or so, and buying a brand-new home doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be inspected, preferably before you make the purchase. Home inspectors in Syracuse, NY say that independent studies show 15 percent of newly-constructed homes as having critical flaws that need to be addressed.

If you don’t have a relatively recent home inspection report, it’s a great starting point for establishing your home maintenance priorities. You have an unbiased third party with some pretty cool equipment giving your home a thorough health check, and the report will point you towards the right priorities for ensuring that you have a functional home.

Beyond Functionality – Where Aesthetics Matter Most

You’ll probably spot the first area where aesthetics meet practicality – if it’s broken, it needs fixing! Worn kitchen countertops, cracked tiles, uneven paving, rusting window frames, dingy-looking or flaking paint, anything that speaks of neglect, is going to bug you even if it’s only on a subconscious level. Sure, none of these are biggies – yet, but sorting them out before you embark on something that just sounds nice is the practical approach.

With that out of the way, you can start looking at improvements that make a big impact on the visual appeal of your home. Think about the things that matter to you rather than considering what visitors to your home experience. For example, you and your family depend on the kitchen as the heart of your home. While you probably wouldn’t entertain your boss or your clients there, it’s way more important than the lounge simply because it’s used so much. The same goes for the bathroom or bathrooms. It’s not just a matter of getting clean. It’s about feeling good while you’re there.

Got The Basics? Now, Make a List and Determine Costs and Timelines

A plan isn’t a plan if it isn’t properly itemized, priced, and placed on a reasonable timeline. Start with the things that make your home functional. Next up are things that are worn or broken but not essential to functionality. Finally, list the things you want or would like. Now, it’s time to get real. How much does all of this cost? Who will do it (including things you plan to do yourself) and when do you expect to get it done? Consult with family members, make adjustments if necessary, and you have a prioritized home maintenance plan that works!

Home ownership is a wonderful feeling, but owning a home isn’t all joy. Yes, we’re talking about home maintenance – and not all of those projects are fun or improve the way your home looks. But they’re the big, important ones. Sure, a nice-looking home is a pleasure, but before we attend to looks, we need to attend to functionality. It’s a mistake that many homeowners make.

You want a new kitchen island and the house-beautiful look, but while you’re splurging on that, you could be overlooking really important things like lurking issues with your home’s electrical system, insulation, or plumbing. So, is it time to remodel the kitchen or should you be using your budget to have your home rewired? We look at how to prioritize your home maintenance budget the smart way.