As far as debilitating pain goes, back pain is amongst the worst. Suffering from severe back pain means you can’t move properly (if at all), and every movement you do try to make is agony. It means having to take time off work and potentially losing money if you are self-employed. It means not being able to play with your children or grandchildren or enjoy the simple pleasures in life. There are many different reasons for back pain, and in order to find the right cure for you, it’s important to know why you are suffering.

Spine Problems

If the pain you are experiencing directly relates to a problem with your spine, it could be one of a few conditions that cause this kind of pain and mobility issues. A herniated or slipped disc can cause serious pain in your back, for example. Bulging discs is another reason you might experience back pain. You may not feel pain at all times with this condition, but rather you’ll only feel it when the ‘bulge’ nudges against a nerve.

If you have an undiagnosed back problem, seeing a doctor is the best option for you; they will be able to determine whether any of the above conditions are what is causing you trouble, and they will be able to recommend a course of treatment, which will usually involve surgery.

Accidents And Injuries

Accidents and injuries, including car accidents (either as a driver or passenger or as a pedestrian), strains, falls, sprains, and fractures, can all cause intense back pain. These can be extremely serious, and it is best to seek immediate medical attention in order to keep your back as safe as possible.

It’s also a good idea to seek advice from a personal injury lawyer. It might be that you can claim compensation after an accident that damages your spine, and that compensation would help you in your daily life, especially if you can no longer work.


Our lifestyles can have a serious impact on our health, and our backs often bear the brunt of our way of working, sleeping, and living in general. Take working at a desk for eight or more hours a day, for example. If you don’t sit up straight and you slouch most of the time, your back will start to curve. When you stand up straight, this can cause pain. A similar thing happens when you wear high heels regularly; there is a lot of strain put on your back which is kept in an unnatural position.

Being overweight takes a terrible toll on your joints, muscles, and bones. They are doing a lot more work if they need to carry more weight around, and this can mean that you are more susceptible to aches and pains and even debilitating injuries. Losing weight will ease the pressure on your joints and bones, making them a lot less painful and resulting in fewer injuries.

Stress has a lot to answer for; it leads to muscle tension in the back, the neck, and the shoulders. A good massage can often help reduce this problem, but that won’t address the underlying issues that are causing the stress in the first place. If it is a long-term problem, speaking to a therapist or even a friend or family member can certainly ease the tension and make back pain a thing of the past (assuming it is caused by stress).