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Bespoke Post Polished Box

Bespoke Post, yet another new subscription based “box of the month” model, but with a twist: Quality! The brand made its debut the Summer of 2012 thanks to their partnership with Details magazine. Technically their subscriptions launched to the public in April, but with the help of Details readers they are now open to a much larger audience.

So what makes their box better than the rest in my opinion? They don’t go off of the sample model, but full-sized products. For $45/month, you will receive their “box of awesome”, which is themed differently each month. This past month I received their “Polished” box. It featured everything I would need to restore my boots to new: wax, waxing brush, laces, etc. Unlike other subscription services you can choose to opt out for that month’s box if it doesn’t tickle your fancy. Personally I feel that is a HUGE bonus since they can’t appeal to your every desire each month.

How much are they saving you? The average cost of a box is around $70. Bespoke Post is able to keep these prices down by negotiating with their brand partners, while helping them by marketing their product. It’s a genius way of doing business.

If you’re intersted in trying out Bespoke Post’s subscription yourself, Joe’s Daily readers get 15% off their first box: use code ‘JOE’ during your checkout.

Bespoke Post Roast Box

Bespoke Post Cocktail Box

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