#CAREKnowsHow – Fighting Poverty with CARE

The best way to understand the #CAREKnowsHow campaign is by telling you the story of the Nasoni family, and how CARE helped them get out of poverty. Biti Rose Nasoni and her husband were very poor. So poor that they had to take their son out of school because they couldn’t afford to pay his $5 uniform fee.

Here’s how #CAREKnowsHow comes into the picture. Biti Rose and her husband joined a CARE Village Savings and Loan Association in 2005. Pinching pennies each week along with their 20 neighbors, theyy secured a $2 loan from the group to buy ingredients to make doughnuts. Selling each doughnut for just 2 cents each, Biti Rose started turning a profit — a few dollars extra each day. To you and I this may seem like a small amount of money, but to the Nasoni’s, this was more money than they have ever had in their lives.

Biti Rose Nasoni - #CAREKnowsHow

Biti Rose Nasoni in the village of Masumba, Malawi. Photo Credit Nicholas D. Kristof/The New York Times

Biti Rose and her husband reinvested their money into their children’s education. Moral of the story: #CAREKnowsHow to fight poverty. You can visit the #CAREKnowsHow campaign page to read more uplifting stories like the one of the Nasoni family.

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Today’s post is sponsored by CARE, but my love for their humanitarian programs is all my own!

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