Face it, finding time to go holiday shopping can be tough. One of the biggest annoyances is not knowing if something will be in stock when you go to pick it up. And trying to call to verify the stock of an item is nearly impossible due to the higher than usual call volumes during the holidays. This is where Sears‘ new app comes in. Let me explain.

I was looking to say thank you to someone who is very near and dear to me; my barista. Now before your eyes start to roll into the back of your head, let me help you understand why I wanted to say thank you to him by way of a gift. Every morning before I start my work day I walk down to my local coffee shop. Jon, who always greets me with a smile, takes my order and has my coffee perfectly made the way I like it in a minute or less. Sometimes if he sees me walking in he will have it ready to go by the time I get to the counter. Monday through Friday, Jon is the first person I communicate with before my day gets started, and for that I wanted to thank him for making it a good start.

Sears New App

I had a conversation with Jon a few weeks back about Fallout 4, a game he was hoping to get his hands on this Christmas. After I picked up my coffee, and Jon’s line died down a bit, I pulled him aside and took out my phone and opened up the Sears app. Within a few moments I had Fallout 4 on my screen and Jon’s order placed. He was beyond excited.

Thanks to Sears’ Integrated Retail Services, I was able to schedule their, ‘Anyone, Anywhere Pickup’ so Jon could grab his gift at a time that worked for him. In addition to their anyone pickup service, Sears also has In-Vehicle Pickup, Return and Exchange, as well as Free Store Pickup. All three come in handy during the holiday season.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member or your local barista, using the app is quick and easy. Sears has gifts for practically everyone, so finding the right item should be as easy as a few swipes on the app.

Before you decide to go shopping, make sure you download Sears mobile app here: Sears.com/mobile.

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This post is sponsored by Sears. All opinions are my own.