Signing up to Be a Marrow Donor Is the Easiest Thing You’ll Do All Month

I feel like I would be making a pretty safe guess if I said that just about everybody is familiar with the existence of bone marrow donation. However, as far as the details on the who, what and where that’s a different story. Our introduction to these practices often comes from television shows or movies. While it is good that this raises awareness about the need for marrow transplants, it doesn’t answer any questions as far as who these donors are and how they came to BE donors. Well, thanks to organizations like Be the Match, the process of becoming a potential donor is drama-free.

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Of course, it makes sense that entertainment’s focus would be on the end of the process. It’s wonderful and exciting; a life is being saved. So we’ll let Hollywood do what it does best and stick to that side of things. What I want to do is show you just how easy it is to #BeTheGuy saving that life. So, here we go!

Step 1: Register

So, this is definitely the longest part of the process. And it only took about 15 minutes. AND that includes the amount of time it took to read the Terms of Use (because, yes, I am that person). Signing up only involves 5 steps: Basic Eligibility, Account Setup, Email Confirmation, About You, and Order Swab Kit. Essentially, you just tell them that you’re in good health, you’re willing to donate if called upon, how to find you, and to send the kit your way. That’s it! Once you’re done, just sit back and wait for the mailer to arrive.

Be the Match Registry Sign Up

Step 2: Swab and Send

I’m confident when I say that if this part takes you more than 5 minutes, it’s probably because you couldn’t find your scissors to open the package. Once you’re in, all you have to do is swab your cheeks (4 times, 10 seconds each), attach the applicators to the holder with their barcodes, seal the kit in the envelope provided, and mail it off. Pretty sure you could fit the whole procedure into a single Instagram video.

Be the Match DNA Swab Kit DNA Swab Kit

So that’s it. The amount of time it took you to read this post has already taken up about half as much time as signing up would. That said, it seems a little rude to keep you any longer. To sign up for Be the Match and to learn more about what they do, visit their site here. I highly encourage you to do it. It’ll definitely be a contender for the easiest and/or best thing you do all month.

Lastly, and I mean last, you should read our interview with a bone marrow donor (Conor) to learn a bit more about the process if you’re ever chosen from the registry.

This post is sponsored by Be The Match. All opinions are my own.

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