A Man’s Guide To Traveling In Style

Apart from making you feel great, your clothing can also portray your personality to the community, giving your status to your peers and improving your confidence. Your dress code can dictate how other people react towards you. For example, casually dressed men receive a different treatment than better-dressed men.

Therefore, it’s essential for you to travel in style since it gives you comfort and confidence simultaneously. To travel in style, the guide below highlights some tips worth following:

1. Accessorize

Accessorizing can help spice up your look. Often, men use accessories with an outfit for practical functions. In addition to using accessories that play a functional role, you should also look into wearing accessories that can help improve the energy of your whole outfit while you’re traveling.

Accessorizing can be quite a challenging task for men. However, it isn’t as bad as most people presume. For instance, if your itinerary involves visiting a gallery, you can pair a bow tie and a suspender with leather shoes, thereby making a big difference to your look. A watch and a classic belt are also timeless pieces that will instantly enhance your appearance.

Sunglasses are equally essential accessories while traveling. They’re easy to carry and protect your eyes from the sun when you’re strolling around. For maximum efficiency, choose UV-resistant sunglasses for the best eye protection.

2. Select Your Jeans Carefully

You should take the time to consider all the advantages and disadvantages a particular pair of jeans will offer you before making a decision. Jeans are classic, fashionable, and a crucial item to have while traveling. However, they tend to use up a lot of space. Therefore, be sure to select ones that suit your activities and are compatible with your shirts. This way, you can wear it multiple times and you can make the most of the clothes you pack.

You should also ensure that you get a pair of jeans that fit your body well. Moreover, look for jeans in a classic cut that you can wear with dressier shoes.

3. Get A Portable Humidor

If you’re a cigar aficionado, getting a robust yet lightweight portable humidor ensures that your cigars are safe and in place until you need them. After all, you wouldn’t want unexpected weather or accommodation conditions to ruin your cigars. To know more about travel humidors and the best ones you can get online, you can read the post from bespokeunit.com. and even know their general advantages and drawbacks.

4. Carry A Vest

Not many are aware of or realize the benefits of having a vest to spice up an outfit. However, stylish gents know that a vest can be used as a secret weapon. For instance, you can wear a vest with a simple, crisp shirt to ensure you stay stylish while having a lovely time in a club. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can wear a vest on its own while strolling or having a night out with friends at a bar.

Additionally, a vest is a compact piece of clothing you can carry around while traveling without worrying about it not fitting in your bag.

5. Don’t Forget To Bring Some Sneakers

You’ll never have to worry about not having a reliable pair of footwear if you remember to bring an extra pair of sneakers while traveling. Sneakers can offer you a laid-back look suitable for any occasion. Because of their versatility, sneakers can be worn with most men’s outfits. For instance, sneakers can be worn with a suit and tie or shirt and jeans to give you a classy and stylish look.

Additionally, sneakers are comfortable to walk in. Putting on some sneakers can be an excellent choice, especially if your travel destination involves a lot of walking around. Given all these benefits, it’s no wonder that wearing a classic pair of white sneakers with a wide range of styles has remained a global fashion trend through the years.

6. Wear Solid Colors

If you embrace a minimalist style, you’re probably familiar with the advantages of wearing clothes in solid colors. Outfits in solid colors such as black, burgundy, and navy blue allow you to make a statement without wearing something too loud.

Solid colors also don’t require too much accessorizing. Clothes with solid colors can be appropriate for wear in the gallery, club, or hiking. Therefore, solid-colored garments are all-around clothes that can be worn to add character to your outfit.

7. Work With Layers

Layering can be an excellent way to add character to your overall outfit. Simply put, if you’re wearing a shirt, consider putting on outerwear pieces such as a leather jacket. If your outfit consists of a plain shirt and jeans, you can add a scarf or a well-fitted blazer to quickly dress up your look.


Traveling in style can be pretty easy for any man. All you need are the essential pieces that you can bring together to make you look stylish. To acquire a unique look daily, you can mix and match items like sneakers, shirts, and jeans. Just keep in mind the importance of adding character to your outfit by accessorizing with watches, leather belts, or sunglasses.

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