Jeremy Argyle

Brian Guttman is the founder of Jermey Argyle, a small batch shirtmaker aiming to provide men with the best shirts on the market. His shirts pair well with suits, jeans, khakis and slacks. Each shirt is made with high quality cotton and produced at a limited quantity – releasing a new design every week.

Here are some of Brian’s top style tips:

  1. The perfect white dress shirt, with the right details, is essential to every man’s wardrobe but is not the standard. Learn to embrace color and pattern as it sets up apart at the office and allows for a seamless transition for a night on the town.
  2. Mix it up shirt and tie patterns and color, but pay attention to scale. Don’t’ let small plaids compete with other small plaids, for example
  3. Find a versatile collar shape that works from day to night
  4. The perfect fit. A well-fitted shirt is snug and not tight, tapers from chest to waist. The sleeve is tapered as well and follows your arms.
  5. Un-tucked, but only if your shirttails aren’t too long. A shirt should be a shirt, not a dress.

Check out some of Jeremy Argyle’s new shirts on their online store.