Natty Light Apparel and Hawaiian Shirts from Tropical Bros

Times are tough right now, but choosing some new threads doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re able to spend your summer by the pool safely or posted up on your couch binge-watching Tiger King for the third time, make sure you’re doing it in some Tropical Bros apparel.

Use code ‘JOES20’ for 20% off your order

Tropical Bros teamed up with Natty Seltzer to bring you what might be the best Hawaiian shirt you will ever care to own. I can for sure see myself throwing back a few Natty Lights on the lake this summer wearing this shirt. It’s super colorful and fun, and sure to be a hit with your friends when you’re social distancing responsibly.

Of course, that’s not all they created in this unique collaboration. There are a total of three Natty Seltzer Hawaiian shirts and two Natty Seltzer swimsuits.

Natty Seltzer Shirts 

If you’re a fan of Hawaiian shirts but not feeling the Natty Light prints, then check out the rest of what Tropical Bros have to offer. They have a wide variety of different Hawaiian shirts, polos, swimsuits, and tees that will keep you looking fresh all summer.

Don’t forget to use code ‘JOES20‘ to receive 20% off your order.

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