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The 40th American Music Awards - Show

PSY and MC Hammer kill it at the 2012 AMAs

I’d like to say I saw this coming but then I’d be a liar. PSY had a special guest last night help him close out the 2012 American Music Awards ´╗┐with a bang. None other than crazy pants himself, MC Hammer.

Halloween Light Show Gangnam Style

YouTuber EdwardsLandingLights created one of the most intricate Halloween light shows I’ve ever seen. Using over 8,500 lights and 250 channels of computer animation, he was able to create a Gangnam Style light show.

Gangnam-Style without sound

Gangnam Style (without Music)

The one version of Gangnam Style I’ve yet to see is a version of it without the music. Watch the music video after the jump…

Gangnam Style on Chatroulette

I will NEVER get sick of PSY’s Gangnam Style. Especially if quality parodies like this keeps coming out. My good friend JacksFilms posted on Facebook that his roommate did a video to the song using chatroulette.