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Human Magazine Rack

I’m always looking for a good place to store my CB2 and Urban Outfitters catalogues that collect dust on my coffee table. This rack takes a simple x-foundation and turns it into a fun living piece to have in your home or office.

Chalkboard Door Hanger

If you’re sick of people busting through your bedroom door without knocking, look no further. Just pick up one of these double-sided Chalkboard Door Hangers to rid the world of…

Circa 1910 Industrial Factory Crate

If you’re looking for a vintage style piece for your place, look no further. This 1910 Industrial Factory Crate is the perfect touch to any corner in your home or office.

Eclipse Floating Lamp

This lamp may seem like something from the Jetsons but I assure you it’s for real. The Eclipse Floating Lamp uses an integrated levitation technology that consists out of electromagnetic components.

Teak Bath

The Teak bath is handmade using the traditional methods in the Highlands of Scotland by a boat builder. Each bath is unique and individually made.

Victor Aleman’s Loopita Chair

One day I will have a house to put this amazing chair in. The Loopita chair by Victor Aleman is a two person chair that takes lounging to a new level.

Coffee Cup Lights

These are like something out of Dr. Seuss or a Tim Burton movie. The Coffee Cup Lights are a real neat way to spice up your living area.

The Titanic Lamp

I’m not sure this is the most practical lamp I’ve ever posted but it still provides the “WOW” factor. The Titanic Lamp got it’s name by.. well.. looking like the Titanic sinking into the ocean (your table).

Träullit Dekor

I have officially died and gone to design heaven. Träullit Dekor is my newest obsession to spice up my creative space. This natural material is environment friendly, recyclable, and made from wood wool, cement and water. Read more after the jump…