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Get your cubicle pimped!

Do you have a cubicle from Hell? I’m talking old technology, unorganized, dirty, noisy, and back breaking furniture? If you answered yes to any of the previous stated you should definitely enter the ‘Pimp My Cube’ contest.

Not Sent from My iPhone

As much as I love my technology, sometimes I feel like I need to disconnect and just handwrite a note. The Anytime Card series is a great way to separate your messages from your technology and add a little humor to them.

Jac Zagoory’s Stapler Removers

When it comes to staple removal, Jac Zagoory doesn’t mess around. His website claims he’s been creating Desk Art since 1995, so you can imagine he has had plenty of time to practice his craft. See the staplers after the jump…

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

This cup set is for the true computer nerd… like me! The Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set was created by the geniuses over at ThinkGeek (go figure), and boy do they look great on a coffee table.

Large calendar by You and Me the Royal We

Wall calendars can be extremely useful but extremely ugly at the same time. Thankfully for You and Me the Royal We, this is no longer an issue. They created a massive calendar that looks perfect on any type of wall.

Sharpie Pen

You’d think something like this would have been developed ages ago. Sharpie’s Pen is perfect for sketchbook doodles, labeling, or for whatever your heart desires.