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Key and Peele Dubstep

Key & Peele: Dubstep

There’s always that one friend that doesn’t know what the Hell dubstep is. In this sketch from Key & Peele, Peele visits Key’s place to help him pack up his apartment.

OnStar for Drunk Drivers

I would never support drinking and driving, but the OnStar for Drunk Drivers service would sure come in handy. See the video after the jump…

iPad App Sketchbook

Looking for a cool gift for that designer / developer in your life? Check out this iPad App Sketchbook.

t-shirt Sketchbook

Are you a t-shirt designer? Whether you are or not, this is a nifty product anyone could use. Design Company Pukka Dank has created this cool t-shirt sketchbook, perfect for your new shirt designs.

Drawing a Piece of Paper

I’ve seen realistic drawings before but nothing like this. Who knew a piece of paper could be drawn in such detail? As part of Mark Crilley’s realism challenge he crumbles up a piece of paper and sketches it perfectly.


Tired of waiting for the iPad to become cheaper? If you’re looking for a simple device to digitally record your handwritten notes then look no further.