GNARBOX Lets You Edit and Share HD Footage in Seconds Without a Laptop

Capturing high-quality video shouldn’t be a burden when you’re on the go. GNARBOX is the world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing up, editing, and sharing HD footage you shot from any GoPro HERO or DSLR camera. Best of all, this is all done without your laptop.

GNARBOX is in its early stages going through a successful Kickstarter. Though even at its infancy, they’ve partnered with Travis Rice and a whole slew of other awesome pro beta testers. They have even integrated support from their Instagram community to help develop their product to meet the needs of anyone with a camera.

How GNARBOX Works:

  1. Upload up to 128 GB of full resolution footage from any camera
  2. Connect Phone Hotspot & Open the companion app
  3. Share your edits at full resolution! GNARBOX delivers your footage to the world (up to 4K Video & RAW photos)

Learn more about here.

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