Powervision PowerEgg Drone

The PowerEgg from Powervision ($1300 USD) is one cool looking drone. Its shape is, well, an egg; hence its name. And because of its unique design, the PowerEgg stands out from the other drones on the market with an elegant, sexy aesthetic. One you won’t want to hide away in your closet after you’re done using it.

PowerEgg Drone

PowerEgg features numerous way of controlling it, one being with Maestro, a world’s first gesture based control. It also has a suite of powerful autonomous flight modes. Using Powervision’s iOS or Android flight app, users will be able to capture a special flight path that they created on the app’s map. Included autonomous modes within the app are the classic drone selfie, circle, and follow modes, which makes filming any activity a breeze.

Lastly, Powervision packed a 22mm gimbal-mounted camera that shoots up to 4K video, with a max Micro-SD capacity of 64GB. Learn more about the PowerEgg drone by visiting Powervision.

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