I remember the first time I upgraded my computer’s hard drive from a spinning hard disk to a Solid State Disk (SSD). It was as if I supercharged the engine in my car. Needless to say it was life changing.

Before jumping into my top 5 benefits of having an SSD, you might want to know what exactly an SSD is, right? Simply put, Solid State Drives store information on memory chips, rather than traditional hard disks that use spinning metal platters. Because of this, SSDs can write data at a much faster, more efficient rate.

1. Speed

In the computer world speed is King. It’s all about having your programs load and run faster, start-up times quicker, and being able to multi-task without any hiccups. This is where SSDs shine. They’re around 100x more responsive than mechanical drives, and can multi-task with around 3x the number of operations.

2. Gaming

SSDs have changed the gaming industry for good. Loading times are cut dramatically, so you spend less time on those load screens and more time playing the game. Even further, game developers are able to play around with more data, which means higher graphics and larger levels.

3. Quieter

Unlike traditional HDs, since there is nothing to startup or spin, SSDs are really quiet. In fact, I’ve never had a computer with an SSD installed be anything but silent even when I’m working on complex projects like graphic design or photography.

4. Energy Efficiency

Since there are no moving parts, Solid State Drives require less energy. This means that it will run cooler, which uses less of your computer’s fan, and in return extend the life of your laptop batter. I certainly don’t miss the days when laptops required a pillow or something to protect your legs from overheating.

5. Durability

When you drop a computer, let’s say a laptop, with a spinning hard disk inside, chances are something horrible will result from it. Think of a traditional hard drive like a record player. What happens to the player when you bump it while it’s playing? It skips a little, right? The same goes for a traditional hard drive. Contrast this with an SSD that has no moving parts and you have yourself the peace of mind of knowing your important data is safe.

Recommended SSD

If you haven’t already and are looking to make the switch from a standard hard drive to a Solid State Drive, I would recommend checking out Western Digital’s Blue PC SSD and Green PC SSD. Both come available in 2.5″/7mm cased and M.2 2280 models to accommodate most PCs, with a 3-year limited warranty to boot.

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Western Digital Solid State Drives (SSD)

Find all of the tech specs for the respective SSD drives here: Blue PC SSD / Green PC SSD.