AT&T Launches a $10 Day Pass for International Roaming

AT&T Launches a $10 Day Pass for International Roaming

It’s no question that T-Mobile has had the best international roaming for their customers since 2013. Not just because it’s free and automatically included in their plan, but the fact that it covers over 100 countries. AT&T customers, however, myself included, we have been stuck with the dreaded AT&T Passport, which starts at $40 a month for a mere 200 MB of data. For someone like me who travels for work and is constantly needing access to social media and email, this is a problem.

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This week, AT&T has announced a $10 day pass for international roaming, and looks to be not only my solution, but for the casual traveler as well. This new option unlocks your domestic plan abroad for a 24-hour period, so whatever texting, calling and data you have domestically will be activated internationally.

It should be noted that AT&T has warned against usage abroad exceeding 50 percent of the plan for two consecutive months. This could result in the $10 a day plan being revoked. Also, the pass is sold per device, so if you’re currently in a family plan each member abroad will have to buy separate passes and keep an eye on data consumption.

Is AT&T’s $10 Day Pass Worth It?

I would say so. The last few times I’ve traveled out of the country, even if it were just for a few days, I spent over $100. This is because I was paying for the top tier AT&T Passport international plan with the most data. Breaking it down further, if I were to stay in Europe for 4 days, and used the AT&T $10 Day Pass, that would be less than half of what I was spending before, not to mention even more data. Of course everyone’s situation will be different, but as of right now I think the new pass is a smart, much-needed business decision from AT&T.

Read more about AT&T’s new $10 Day Pass over on AT&T.

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