Five Reasons to Visit Canada

Canada is just one of those bucket list countries. Almost everyone has either been and loved it or has definite plans to visit it one day.

With such a large immigration population, it seems many visitors love it so much they simply never want to leave.

For a start, though, here are five reasons to, at the very least, make Canada your next family holiday destination.

The Scenery

Home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the entire world, if you like an attractive vista, you need to visit Canada.

From snow-covered mountains, the spectacular northern lights, forests on a massive scale, and, of course, the unmistakable Niagara Falls, the outdoors offerings really are hard to beat.

If you like nature, there’s plenty to spot while you’re out and about in Canada’s countryside, from polar and grizzly bears to puffins, bison, and caribou, not to mention the moose. If the spectacular landscape is making you never want to return home, you can always consider immigrating to this wonderful nation. Mortgage Connection is a Canadian company making mortgages easier to navigate so it could help make that dream a reality.

The Cities

There are so many brilliant cities to visit in Canada it’s impossible to list them all here, but there are a handful of much-loved favorites that really should get a mention.

With its unmistakable skyline of towering skyscrapers, punctuated with the CN Tower, Toronto is Canada’s largest and maybe most well-known of all its cities. It’s a tourist hotspot and has plenty of attractions because of it.

The smaller Vancouver offers stunning scenery and great seafood if that’s your thing. Because of its size, it feels less busy than some of the bigger cities.

French is the official language of Montreal, and the city is much loved for its beautiful architecture and culture.

The capital city of Ottawa also needs a mention, and the British can experience a home from home by visiting the striking Parliament Hill and watching the Changing of the Guard.

There are far too many cities to mention, but they are so diverse you’re sure to find one to suit your family’s interests.

The Culture

Canada is very multicultural and has a history of being welcoming of immigration. Its culture has been heavily influenced by the native inhabitants along with, as the cities above would suggest, the large numbers of French and British who arrived in the 15th Century.

The arts are alive and well in the country, and you will find no shortage of unique art, theatre, and music to enjoy on your visit.

There are loads of historical places to visit, too, including the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Québec, Fortress of Louisbourg in Nova Scotia, and Batoche in Saskatchewan.

The People

Canadians are famous for being welcoming, accepting, and peaceful people, so you can be sure of a friendly stay!

The Food

There are very few cuisines not represented in the regions of Canada, but you are likely to find the overriding cuisine differing from area to area. As with the culture, the cuisine in some areas has been defined by the British settlers, but in others, it will have a much more French flavor.

Thanks to its openness to immigration, the country boasts influences from across the globe, so whatever your taste, you will find a restaurant or takeaway to suit.

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