Nestled on 10 acres of lush land, the Innisfree Bed and Breakfast is a beautifully restored 160-year-old farmhouse located just a minute away from the famous Hopewell Rocks. With its wonderful gardens, forested trails, and commitment to sustainable tourism, Innisfree offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

A Night to Remember

I had the pleasure of spending a night at Innisfree Bed and Breakfast, and it was nothing short of magical. The themed rooms add a whimsical touch to the stay, and I found myself in the charming ‘Cat’s Meow’ room. Each room offers a view of the surrounding countryside and is tastefully decorated with a private washroom, mini fridge, and coffee & tea facilities. See an in-depth look at this B&B near Hopewell Rocks in my YouTube video below.

Culinary Delights

One of the highlights of my stay was the optional dinner prepared by Darren, the host, and an experienced Red Seal Chef. The menu featured local seafood-inspired dishes, and I must say, the fresh salad, followed by the best seafood pasta I’ve ever eaten, was a culinary masterpiece. I’ve read reviews that say the Lobster Chowder is a must-try as well, so it looks like I need to come back for that!

Editor’s Note: The optional dinner is an additional charge.

Fresh garden salad with fruit at Innisfree B&B
A fresh start to dinner
Lobster Tail Seafood Pasta at Innisfree Bed and Breakfast
Lobster Tail Seafood Pasta that is to die for
Innisfree Dessert by Darren Mahussier
Ice cream topped with shards of chocolate and rhubarb from Darren’s garden

Sustainable Comfort

Innisfree is one of the first Sustainable Accommodation properties in New Brunswick. The individually climate-controlled rooms are heated and cooled by Geothermal energy, ensuring a net carbon-neutral footprint.

Innisfree Bed and Breakfast Farm House
The front of the 160-year-old farmhouse

Bed and Breakfast Near Hopewell Rocks

Being the closest bed and breakfast near Hopewell Rocks, Innisfree is a perfect place to stay and explore the highest tides in the world. The amazing Hopewell Rocks are just minutes away, making Innisfree B&B a convenient base for your adventures.

I spent the day kayaking during high tide, then later walking the very ocean floor I was previously floating over. It’s a wild experience that should certainly be on your bucket list. I will include my video of that experience on YouTube soon, so be sure you are subscribed.

What Guests Have to Say about Innisfree Bed and Breakfast

The reviews from other guests echo my sentiments. Many praise the top-notch and friendly service, the quiet rural setting, and the delicious meals. The host’s passion for providing an exceptional experience shines through in every aspect of the stay. Darren has something truly special here, and if you’re lucky enough to book a stay at Innisfree B&B, you will see and experience it for yourself.

Innisfree Bed and Breakfast near Hopewell Rocks is more than just a place to rest your head. It’s a destination that offers comfort, culinary delights, sustainability, and proximity to one of nature’s wonders. Whether you’re exploring the Bay of Fundy or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, Innisfree welcomes you with open arms.