Sometimes we get put into situations where we have to make a choice. You don’t like these situations typically, but they do happen. Occasionally though, in spite of the awkwardness and poor timing, you feel like taking a chance. You think it feels like the bravest thing you’ve ever done, and it scares the hell out of you. It may not even be the right decision, but for some reason, you do it anyway.

In Lacoste’s new ad, that is pretty much the deal. The video starts with a nervous guy having what appears to be the make or break discussion with his lady friend. Meanwhile, the metaphor is him on his way to jumping off a building. Ladies, for most guys, the building might be easier. Regardless, the jump is  pretty serious, and definitely not for the weak of stomach. This is his leap.  He’s about to do what every guy imagines he’s supposed to at some point, but is never really sure if he should. Well, this guy goes for it. He says to hell with it and jumps. What does he get? He gets wind in his hair, some kick ass music, and of course, he gets the girl.

The Big Leap

Lacoste - The Big Leap Spot