5 Stunning Art Ideas for a Futuristic Home

Most millennials are moving away from art nouveau and chic interior design to accompany a more futuristic look for their homes. You’ll find that some Gen Y homes are either streamlined or have the most astounding features that look as if they came out of a Sci-Fi movie.

Do you want to add some futuristic appeal to your home? Then take a look at these top five interesting art ideas that will help you create the futuristic aesthetics you want for your house.

1. Cyberpunk Colors to Create a Neon Aesthetic

Cyberpunk colors are all about neon pink, blue and green hues. But these colors aren’t simply added by including accents to a lounge or a canvas painting on a wall. Cyberpunk colors are added with neon LED lighting.

These pink, blue and green hues are added to the back of TV screens, framed pictures and sculptures to accentuate the contours of each piece. The lighting emits vibrant colors into a room that has low lighting to create a stunning ultramodern appeal.

You don’t have to keep your cyberpunk vibe contained to your house — you can add neon LEDs to your motorbike or car too. Simply check out companies like XK Glow for the colors you want, and get ready to light up the night.

2. Minimalistic Furniture with Rounded Corners

The most common way to turn your home into a futuristic palace is to add minimalist furniture. These furniture pieces typically have rounded edges and they come in neutral colors such as white or grey.

Couches and tables have chrome legs that are medium or long in length to create an open floor visual effect. Tabletops and counters have glossy finishes to reflect more light.

3. Sci-Fi Wall Art for Bedrooms and Lounges

Cyborgs, galaxies and futuristic skyscrapers are excellent images to add to an ultramodern home. Consider abstract pieces of galaxies and planets with a minimum of three colors to break the neutral tone of backdrops, furniture and accents.

4. Cybernetic Sculptures for Tabletops

Cybernetic sculptures are a contemporary art form that was invented by Edward Ihnatowicz. These sculptures are robotic pieces that need a computer system in order to be controlled. Cybernetic sculptures can move, light up and even make sounds of running water or play music.

The first cybernetic sculpture was designed by the artist in 1968. Since then cybernetics has been enhanced with integrated sensors. These sensors require human interaction in order for the sculptures to move.

Add cybernetic sculptures to your tabletops to create electronic movement in any room of your house.

5. Magnetic Levitating Objects

A magnet is used to suspend an object and hold it in place without the use of any support other than from a magnetic field. Magnetic levitating lamps have become popular over the years. Add these lamps to each side of your bed or in living rooms.

Final Thoughts

Ultra-modern interior design is all about lighting, color and minimalism. The objective is to construct a clean and spacious environment that will feel serene and add simplicity to your life. Isn’t that what we all need more of this year?

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