Becoming The “Tech Guy” In Your Life With These Projects

Every family and group of friends has that “tech guy,” the person they can come to for advice on how to get more out of a device or to fix a certain problem. With Google, it has become a lot easier to find a solution to any specific problem. However, if you want to feel more competent with technology in general, then there may some DIY projects worth taking on.

Being the tech guy

Learn some digital competence

A lot of adults already have this one down, but if your experience with PCs and other digital technology is sticking to a limited number of apps without being able to access more specific options and functions, then it may be worth taking the time to look up digital literacy skill tips from websites like Not only will this help you become more technologically competent, but it’s pretty much a standard skill needed for most modern workplaces, as well.

Build a PC

Feel like the actual technology driving your devices feels like a total mystery to you? The truth is that PCs and other devices aren’t as difficult to put together as you might think. The next time you have to upgrade your PC, then consider buying the parts separately and following a guide on how to put it all together. It’s not as easy to mess up as you might think. You become knowledgeable about the different components meaning that opening the case back up and making a fix is a lot easier in the future. What’s more, you will save money as it always costs less to buy the parts and put it together yourself than to get a pre-built PC.

Jailbreak a device

It’s very likely that you’re not quite using your digital devices to their full potential. When it comes to what apps and functions you can use, many of them are locked behind the manufacturer’s UI. However, with sites like, you can learn how to jailbreak a whole host of devices, making it easier to install all kinds of apps and better control more features on the device. Most manufacturers, admittedly, do not look kindly on jailbreaking, meaning that it may take you out of your warranty, so it’s best to do it with devices already out of warranty.

Smarten up a home

If you want to really get more out of the technology in your home, then what could be better than making it all controllable from a single hub? Smart homes are more affordable than ever, nowadays, and also a lot more versatile. You can use a smart home hub to connect to things like your TV, speakers, light switches, blinds, locks, and even home security devices. This can streamline your entire house’s digital technology, making it feel like the home of the future.

Take your time to go through the different projects above and make sure that you’re getting familiar and comfortable with your technology, not just going through a series of steps. For a lot of people, this hands-on approach teaches a lot more than simply reading alone.

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