What Should Be Part Of Your Home Entertainment Setup?

What should be part of your home entertainment setup

Almost every man has thought about what their most perfect ideal entertainment setup would be. Now more than ever we have a choice of different kinds of things to watch, play, experience and listen to. We have just about anything you could ever want at your fingertips. However a home entertainment system or setup isn’t just about loud blaring music or excellent TV quality to watch the latest movies, it’s so much more. A home entertainment setup is something that you can enjoy whenever you want to, it’s a package or haven of different kinds of technologies. Each one will have a different purpose and this means you need to consider space, the location of your setup and also the amount of money you wish to carefully spend. What should you give priority and what should you not take so seriously? Where does quality need to be and where can you be more lax with it in places? Would you prefer a traditional entertainment setup or modern?

A wider field of view

The modern entertainment setup has to including gaming. In fact gaming now dwarfs the film industry for our coin. We would much rather have entertainment which we feel a part of instead of just sitting back and watching it all unfold. Stories are best experienced in video games when you can see the majority of what is going on. We sit so close to the monitor naturally that we indeed have to move our eyes to see what is going on in the corners. However with curved widescreen monitors made for gaming such as the BenQ EX3501R you get a much better field of view. For one thing the curver is toward you, so you don’t need to rely on your peripheral vision. The things that you could not normally see without moving your eyes are now closer to the center of your view and thus everything is much easier to see.

This is especially vital when you’re playing a first person shooter and you want to avoid getting ambushed. The screen size is 35 inches, the resolution is a massive 3,440×1,440 and the refresh rate is a brilliant 100Hz. Response time is just 4 milliseconds. It’s also lightweight by just weighing 23 lbs.

Shows you can’t watch

Thankfully we have on demand services now that have swallowed up traditional media. No longer do we have to wait to see what’s going to happen in our best show. We don’t need to set a timer or record it so we don’t miss it lest we be unable to make time for the show. Now with Netflix you can watch whatever you want when you want, how you want. Be it on your large screen 4K OLED TV, tablet or smartphone, you can choose how to consume your best shows. However some shows are not available in your country. Netflix has shows that are usually only available in certain countries due to their nature. For example you might be Mexican and want to watch a show that is based in your country of origin, but you live in Europe or the USA. With some of the best vpns, you can still watch it by changing your location. The incoming connection from Netflix will then consider you able to watch the show as it will fool the server into thinking you are sitting in Mexico instead. For anyone that wants the best and full experience of Netflix shows, this is a kind of technology you should put in your home entertainment system.

Loud and clear

Remember those old sound systems that were basically just huge wooden boxes with subwoofers in the middle? They were heavy, sluggish to move around, didn’t look very cool and they almost always took up far too much room. They were expensive and unless you had the entire set they wouldn’t actually sound that good. You had to buy multiple different speakers, place them all around the room and then you would get great sound. You can get even better sound with today’s technology at a better price too. Check out something like the Samsung Soundbar. It’s exactly what it sounds like, pun not intended. It looks like a long thin black bar that is also very lightweight. It has around 6 speakers in it but they all do different jobs. The bass, pitch and tone are all spread out so you get a wave of sound and not just a tsunami from which you can’t pick out each note in a song. However this is also great for when you’re watching movies. The sound waves are funnelled in such a way that they rebound off the walls to give you are 360 degree experience. The speakers are designed to be flat but open at the same time. Some speakers are pointed upward and the others are pointed toward the sides and front.

A helping hand

Any modern home entertainment system would not be complete without some kind of technological assistant. Virtual assistants like Alexa are great additions to your home entertainment system. They can be connected via bluetooth to Alexa which can then run off your spoken commands alone. If you want to lower the volume to a song be blasted from your Samsung Soundbar then you just have to say so. However virtual assistants like Alexa are also brilliant for being a helping hand. For example if you have a wide library of films and you are trying to find something specific in a genre, you can ask Alexa to search for that genre and read out a list of all the movies you have. It’s an incredible timesaver and allows you to find movies you would have otherwise forgotten you even had.

A modern home entertainment setup is somewhat automated. You should have a virtual assistant that can turn things on and off, as well as allow you to use the controls of your various technologies with just your voice. Rather than having multiple large speakers, you can have one long sound system i.e. the Samsung Soundbar fitted to your wall and still get 360 degree sound.

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