RYNO: The World’s First Micro-Cycle

Back in 2008, the 13-year-old daughter of an engineer was playing a video game that featured a one-wheeled motorcycle and asked her father if it would be possible to build a real one. Only six years later and the world’s first micro-cycle is ready for market.

2015 BMW X4

Why I’m Loving the BMW X4

Now be introduced to the BMW X4: the first sports activity coupe (SAC) in the premium compact crossover class. Available as of July 2014, this vehicle takes the innovative vehicle design of the X6 one step further.


Automatic: Making Both Cars and Drivers Smarter

Have you ever wondered what your car would say if it could communicate? How helpful would it be if it could tell you things like when you’re using too much gas or why your check engine light just kicked on?

US Marines Test Out Their Self-Driving Vehicle

If you’ve been paying attention, the development of self-driving vehicles has been getting closer and closer to actual utilization everyday. Seen in this video, Marines test out their Ground Unmanned Support Surrogate, or ‘GUSS’, on a simulated battlefield in Hawaii.