Here’s a Tailgate Toolkit to Get You Through Football season

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Tailgating Toolkit

popchips, LégalHot Sauce, RAGÚ, and Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and no it’s not Christmas yet. Football season is in full effect, and my team is kicking butt! As someone who loves everything that comes along with the sport I have been hosting viewing parties, attending games, and of course, enjoying the occasional tailgating experience.

Most times, when you are tailgating, you will find yourself in the company of some newbies. You know the kind. The ones that are clearly down to party but don’t know what is involved at a tailgate. Sure, there’s the obvious like coolers and grilling, but what do you bring to a tailgate? I’m here to share with you a tailgate toolkit I put together as inspiration for your next tailgating outing.

Tailgating Essentials: Spicy Edition

For this tailgate toolkit, I decided to theme everything around spicy, savory treats. We cover everything from cocktails and chips to the condiments that will tie everything together. Here is what you will find me bringing to my next tailgate to add a little bit of spice.

Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix

Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix

Let’s talk cocktails for a moment. I think Bloody Marys are the perfect cocktail for watching a game because of how universal they are. Do you prefer yours with a lot of spice? Add a few drops of your favorite hot sauce to it (see ours below). Like yours as a meal? Sure, go ahead and add a pickle, celery, or whatever else you can fit in it. The world is your oyster!

I’m a fan of Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix. The taste is always just right, and all you need is vodka and some ice to go with it. Everything else you might add is up to your discretion. They also come in either 5.5 Fl Oz. cans or 1 L bottles, making it easy to take with you for whatever the occasion.

popchips Buffalo Ranch

popchips Buffalo Ranch chips

If you aren’t munching on chips during a sporting event, were you ever really there?

Currently, I’ve been a massive fan of popchips‘ new flavors. My current favorite is popchips Buffalo Ranch. The tangy buffalo sauce sets your tongue burning, while the cooling ranch comes in and acts as your tastebuds’ hero.

RAGÚ Simply Roasted Garlic Sauce

RAGU Simply Roasted Garlic Sauce

Toasted ravioli is a hometown favorite for my wife, and now something I look forward to eating during game days. They are delicious by themselves, however, twice as good when dipped in a sauce. I recommend trying RAGÚ Simply Roasted Garlic Sauce for any of your sauce dipping needs. It features a rich roasted garlic taste with no sugar added.

Légal Hot Sauce

Legal Hot Sauce Flavors

Hot sauce is a great condiment to have around, especially when hosting game day get-togethers or tailgating. Légal Hot Sauce is made from Malagueta peppers grown in Brazil. According to the Brazilian people, these peppers brought luck to those mining for gold because whenever they would find these peppers in the wild, it usually meant there was gold nearby. Perhaps the luck of the Malagueta pepper will bring your team a win the next time you tailgate.

If you have any tailgating favorites that you would like to share with us, hit us up in the comments below. We love seeing what you guys are bringing out to game day.


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