Three Hot Breakfast Trends to Savor

During one of the toughest years in recent history (2020), around 75 percent of Americans said that they looked forward to eating breakfast or brunch at their favorite restaurant once the pandemic was over. They stayed true to their word, with CNBC reporting that people are spending big on breakfast despite having cut back on other expenses. If you wouldn’t dream of starting the day without a hearty breakfast, and you enjoy staying abreast of the latest gourmet trends, read on!

Zero-Mile Breakfasts

Imagine tucking into a breakfast comprising organic eggs from a nearby farm, spinach and herbs grown in the restaurant’s garden, and sourdough bread, made by a village baker. Zero-mile cuisine is very much in line with the “slow food,” sustainable, and organic movements. This trend celebrates the best that local producers have to offer, while also reducing the carbon footprint of the dining industry in a big way. The proof of the pudding’s in the tasting and there is no doubt that when it comes to flavor, nature knows best.

Breakfasts in Vineyard

If you love gastronomy, wine, and the Great Outdoors, then the vineyard breakfast/tasting/winery tour trend will be right up your street. Imagine dining in the midst of a lush wild garden, seated at a wooden table that is adorned with wild flowers and grasses. “What type of breakfast dishes go well with wine?” you may ask. The choice of treats includes mountain sausages, toast with cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil, artisanal cheeses, rustic bread, orchard tomatoes, toasted nuts, and more. Don’t worry about insects ruining the charm of your meal. Quality vineyards and restaurants keep pests at bay successfully by simple measures such as keeping outdoor areas clean and free of food scraps, sealing all food and drink, and keeping the back-of-house area spotless. Outdoor bugs can easily be repelled by burning a citronella candle.

Plant-Based Breakfasts

The Bloomberg Intelligence Report indicates that plant-based food sales are expected to increase five-fold by 2030. The wide array of vegan brands, products, and recipes means that this movement is ready to satisfy the demands of vegans and vegetarians with a taste for hearty breakfasts. As such, vegan breakfast hot spots are tempting palates with satisfying dishes like tofu breakfast scrambles on toast, fruit and oatmeal pancakes, high-protein smoothie bowls, savory veggie bowls, and plant-based tacos, topped with black olives, avocado, spinach, scrambled tofu, dried tomatoes, and more. Of these treats, one of the most popular is that of vegetable bowls. American restaurants are taking a leaf out of the book of diners in countries like the Philippines and Japan, where breakfast is hot and savory instead of sweet.

Breakfast is still one of the most popular reasons why diners choose to dine out. This meal is continually evolving in line with clients’ demands. Three trends to stay on top of are zero-mile breakfasts, vineyard breakfast and wine tastings, and plant-based breakfasts that satisfy even the hardiest of appetites.

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