There are many hair products available on the market for men, but few with branding as clever and as well-known as Old Spice. Every commercial featuring Terry Crews is just pure gold.

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Old Spice Hair features a variety of styling products, shampoos and conditioners specifically crafted for guys to maintain their mane, while helping build epic confidence to succeed. Would you expect anything less from them?

I was curious to try out the new collection so I asked Old Spice if they would send me a few items from the line-up. They were nice enough to send over all the products you see in the image above, which included styling products Unruly, Spiffy, Forge, Deadlock, and Cruise Control; and hair care products Swagger and Pure Sport. Below you will find both a breakdown of each product I received, as well as a giveaway for you to win your very own Old Spice Hair package.

Old Spice Hair Styling Products:

It should go without saying that Old Spice styling products were made for you to look your best with very little effort. Us guys don’t have time to waste in front of a mirror. You will find a description and visual silhouette on the packaging of all five Old Spice styling products to help educate guys choose which product is best for their hair type and style they’re going for.

  • Deadlock Spiking Glue: If you’re looking for that unique style to stay in place, this is the one for your. It will give you the ultimate hold and shine.
  • Cruise Control Forming Crème: I like to think this is for the laid back guy that doesn’t need too much control with his hair, but just enough to keep it tame.
  • Forge Molding Putty: Unlike cruise control, this putty will give you a matte, natural looking finish with a strong hold. Not stiff, just the way you like it.
  • Unruly Texturing Paste: This paste will give you a medium hold and a textured finish. Great to have a messy look that was actually on purpose.
  • Spiffy Sculpting Pomade: If you like to rework your hair throughout the day, go with this pomade. It provides a moderate hold and a natural, matte finish.

Old Spice Hair Care Products:

Whether you have a full-head of hair or just some stubble, it’s important to keep your scalp clean and looking healthy. Old Spice Hair Care Products are formulated for guys with varying hair types.

  • Swagger:  2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that will leave you fresh, clean, and ready to go. Not much to say about this except that it really does give you swagger.
  • Pure Sport: Fresh sport is another 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, but one that gives you the genuine feeling of being fresh, clean and masculine.

GIVEAWAY: Old Spice Hair Product Package

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This post was graciously sponsored by Old Spice. All opinions are my own.