It might seem like an eternity since you have been able to visit the sights and sounds of Italy firsthand. So instead why not bring a touch of Italy into your home interiors in the meantime, until you are able to revisit. These are some ideas to get you feeling inspired.

homemade pizza

Kitchen Accessories

No kitchen setting would be complete without an espresso machine to make your freshly brewed Italian coffee in the morning. An even better choice would be the cafeteria that you use on the hob which is ideal for those more leisurely mornings when you are not in a rush but can enjoy the unique taste of freshly made Italian coffee.
A pizza wheel and large peppermill will come in handy if you ever decide you want to have a go at making your own pizza, or simply to use every time you cook one instead. If you really want to go all out then you could even invest in a pizza oven to try and recreate that fresh stone-baked pizza taste, all from the comfort of home.

Terracotta Floor Tiles

If you want to recreate the look of a classic Italian villa then opting for terracotta floor tiles will help. These tiles, which are used extensively across Italy are great for adding a touch of warmth to the room whilst also providing a cool temperature for when the weather heats up in the summer.

Large Dining Table

If you truly want to dine like the Italians do, then opting for a large dinner table in which you can sit and enjoy a leisurely meal with your family will encapsulate the Italian tradition. It is all about sitting down to catch up with each other’s day whilst enjoying a lovely home cooked meal.

Handmade Design

If you want a light fixture which just screams elegance and Italian design then perhaps opting for some Murano Glass Chandeliers will do the trick. With each piece handmade delicately you can be sure to have something truly unique in your home that will remind you of your last visit to Italy when you were sat in a luxurious indoor restaurant overlooking the gorgeous sea views.

Include Iconic Paintings

If you are a keen art enthusiast and have visited the well known museums such as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence or the Vatican museum in Rome then perhaps you could hang some wall art from some of the iconic painters and sculptors of these museums. It will be reminiscent of being back there in no time.

Though there is no substitute for visiting the real Italy, you can still try to recreate your favorite aspects of this extremely rich cultural country in your home instead.