I’m a huge fan of Daniel Arsham, despite the amount of hate he gets from the Hypebeast chat bros. I’ve collected a few of his pieces in the past, my favorite being his Crystalized Charmander, but never one of his prints. Arsham’s latest is the ‘GROTTO OF LAOCOÖN,’ a 48″ x 57″ print on archival cotton paper.

Daniel Arsham Reveals His Latest Print 'GROTTO OF LAOCOÖN'

The GROTTO OF LAOCOÖN is set 1,000 years in the future where humans, or in this case, a viewer, discovers a cave filled with relics from the past. Daniel Arsham is known for placing pop cultural references into fictionalized time periods. In this particular piece, GROTTO OF LAOCOÖN features a crumbling sculpture of the Greek seer, Laocoön.

Limited to an edition of 199, the artwork comes signed and numbered by the artist and neatly wrapped in Arsham Studio-designed linen and silver embossed packaging, along with a holographic seal of authenticity on the included COA card.

Daniel Arsham GROTTO OF LAOCOON packaging

If you’re in the markets for a new collectible, keep an eye out for this print to release this Friday, June 24 at 12 pm ET on Arsham’s webshop.