Meyers Manx, the iconic dune buggy manufacturer, has recently announced the launch of its first-ever Remastered Kit, allowing enthusiasts to build and customize the world’s most recognizable dune buggy according to their preferences. The new kit employs modernized production techniques using 3D scanning, digital design tools, and CNC technology to deliver a more precise, high-quality self-assembly set, honing Bruce Meyers’ groundbreaking creation while incorporating updates by legendary designer Freeman Thomas.

The Meyers Manx Remastered Kit introduces new features for the first time since 1970, including an all-new locking rear trunk, an easily-removable dash assembly, and integrated wiring tubes. Additionally, new remastered classic kit colors, including a solid gel-coat and metal flake gel-coat hues, along with a UV clear coat that serves as an extra layer of protection, are available. The kit comes with the key body, dashboard, and trim components, and extra parts can be purchased separately.

Freeman Thomas, the designer behind the Remastered Program, expressed his excitement at working on the Manx Dune buggy, which he considers a piece of California cultural history. The goal of the Remastered program, according to Thomas, is to honor Bruce Meyers’ unmistakable design while integrating modern touches that make full assembly accessible to more people.

Meyers Manx Remastered Kit - DIY Dune Buggy
Credit: Meyers Manx

Meyers Manx Chairman and Trousdale Ventures Founder Phillip Sarofim said that building and customizing a buggy kit is the most authentic and fulfilling Manx experience. He added that the Remastered Kit is a modernized, easier-to-build version of the original dune buggy kit, which launched an automotive cultural movement, bringing back the can-do spirit of the 1960s, from grassroots car customizers to the Space Program.

The Remastered Kit has already sparked interest from Alois Ruf, founder of Ruf Automobile, who loves how the classic Meyers Manx Buggy drives. Knowing that at-home assembly has been a challenge for some, the Remastered Kit should make it easier for a new group of enthusiasts to build their dream cars at home.

Meyers Manx has also recently announced that the debut of the Meyers Manx 2.0, the electric version of the classic buggy, is expected in 2023. The company is expected to announce further production details soon.

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