Chroma 4K Camera Drone

Testing the Chroma Camera Drone with 4K

I can now officially say I’m a drone owner. I was recently sent the Chroma Camera Drone with 4K to give it a test drive and provide my readers a closer look. This is officially the first drone I’ve ever reviewed, let alone flown, so naturally I was excited.

TVEverywhere at the Airport

Watch Your Favorite TV Shows Without the TV

Everyone has a favorite TV show. Mine was Heroes up until it ended back in 2010. Thankfully NBC did all of us Heroes fans a solid and created their latest show Heroes Reborn, a continuation of Heroes by series creator Tim Kring.

Alienware Steam Machine

Unboxing the Alienware Steam Machine

A few years back, Alienware and Valve set out to change PC gaming as we know it. The idea was simple: reinvent Steam for the living room, thus the Alienware Steam Machine was born.

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft just launched a first in their Surface line with the Microsoft Surface Book ($1499+ USD). Before, the Surface was a cross between a laptop and a tablet, confusing most of the basic consumers with what it actually was.

Red Raven 4K Camera


The RED RAVEN is the latest camera added to RED’s impressive camera lineup. It utilizes the RED DRAGON sensor, giving consumers the reassurance of a perfect shot every time.