Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360

360 videos are nothing new, but as they grow in popularity and acceptance on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, it’s no surprise companies are in a mad-dash to produce 360 cameras.

Getting to Know the Sudo App

Sudo Provides Users With Stress Free Shopping

I don’t know what I would do if online shopping ceased to exist. Just moments before writing this article I ordered a new camera for a trip I’m going on, and it arrives tomorrow – what a time to be alive! But what about those unfortunate times when your personal data is under attack, because your favorite online retailer had a data breach? Talk about stressful.

Watching Football

How Watching Football Affects your Heart Rate

If you shared your heart rate with someone after watching your favorite team play in the Super Bowl, they might mistake the readings for someone who just got done with a long, strenuous workout. This was not the case for me during the Big Game.

Moto x Pure Edition by Jonathan Adler

Moto X Pure Edition, Designed by Jonathan Adler

In my opinion, self expression is important because it defines you as an individual. Self expression could be showcased through your choice in music, art, fashion, or however else you like to express your interests.