Airbnb Pineapple Magazine

Airbnb Unveils Pineapple Magazine

Airbnb is looking to expand their community-driven hospitality company with the release of Pineapple — a quarterly magazine that will take you inside the homes of both hosts and guests around the world.

Drive Safe Today Day

Pledge to be a Safer Driver with Progressive

What annoys you the most when driving? Is it the lack of turn signal or perhaps the driver that parks over the line? Whatever it may be, we can all agree that if everyone obeyed the rules of the road the entire driving experience as whole would be far more enjoyable.

Degree Adrenaline Series

U.S. Soccer SuperFans Do: More with Degree

As the official deodorant for the U.S. Soccer team, you know Degree has got the right stuff to keep you dry. Degree wants you to Do More this summer by trying their new, improved deodorant featuring MOTIONSENSE, the only antiperspirant that releases extra protection when you move.

Project LiveWire - Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson Unveils Project LiveWire

Yesterday I was pleased to feature Harley-Davidson’s teaser video for a secret project they’ve been working on. Today I’m even more excited to reveal what that project under wraps was. Meet Project LiveWire, Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s first electric motorcycle.