Some of the World’s Manliest Sports

Forget about Tennis, Gymnastics and Swimming. Taking part or watching on T.V, non contact sports lack the passion and competitive edge that athleticism is all about. Here we discuss the bloody, sweaty and dirty sports.

Beerpong Tournament

How a Good Music Playlist Can Save a Party

The night was young, drinks were purchased, and the beer pong table was ready to be played on. The only thing I wasn’t prepared for, and quite possibly the most important piece to the party, was the music.

Titanfall Giveaway

Titanfall Giveaway

Titanfall is the new hit that has gamers talking and you can only get it on PC or Xbox One/360 consoles. During its short beta release, you couldn’t open up any social media without seeing your timeline filled with Titanfall excitement.

Dr. J toasting with Crown Royal XO

Whisky Tasting with Dr. J During All-Star Weekend

Saturday evening was not like any other. While in New Orleans for All-Star Weekend, myself and 20-or-so other bloggers headed over to The Metropolitan Night Club with Crown Royal to partake in a little whisky tasting. Little did we know we would be in the company of a NBA Legend.